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The Asset Register Module is the core of the Hardcat Asset Management System. It is the foundation upon which optional modules are added to extend functionality.


  • Familiar database structure
  • Platform agnostic
  • Centralised in-depth information
  • Easy to populate
  • Easy to use


  • Easy to customise with accessible API
  • Infinite categories and sub-categories
  • Global, user-definable fields
  • Browser-based viewing - any device
  • Custom reports

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Over 2,000 blue chip organisations in over 120 countries around the world have chosen Hardcat for their fixed asset management needs.

Asset Manager Features

Hardcat is your fixed asset auditing partners

Efficient Asset Data Capture and Audit

Easy mobile interface makes it easy for assets to be audited in the field quickly and efficiently creating the type of real-time, searchable asset data that can improve governance and generate valuable knowledge ready for business analytics

Achieve efficient asset issue and return processes with Hardcat Asset tagging & tracking solutions

Streamlined Issue and Return

There are enormous cost savings and productivity improvements that can be achieved from efficient asset issue and return processes managed by Hardcat. Add passive or active RFID tagging and tracking technology and watch the benefits multiply.

  • ​Total asset visibility
  • Instant asset tracking
  • Quick, simple to use & accurate
  • Labour, time & cost efficient
  • Improved asset security
Manage your assets on the go with mobile asset tracking software by Hardcat

Maximum Mobile Flexibility

Use the Hardcat MiCat app on any device or take advantage of the web-based interface that brings Hardcat asset management software to life on any browser. Take the full knowledge, control and power of Hardcat into the field.

  • ​Access data on all assets relevant to mobile user
  • Real-time access to knowledge on condition and location of assets
  • See maintenance and calibration schedules or work orders on assets
  • Create ad hoc work orders
  • Allow change of ownership of assets
Try Harcat‘s asset management software with barcode scanner

Best Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning to open any asset record and update status or retrieve automated asset work orders. Easily managed custom lists of asset types, locations or financials. Handheld scanners and mobile apps take asset management into the field.

  • ​Barcodes
  • QR Codes
  • Dot Peening
  • RFID
  • NFC

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“The Hardcat solution helps engineers to ensure the Synchrotron’s components are regularly maintained to sustain a successful operation of the facility.”

— Ian Graham Operations Support, Manager, Australian Synchrotron

Full Lifecycle Asset Tracking

More than just an asset type and product description. Track any number of details over the full lifecycle such as: supplier, location, cost or profit centre, responsibility, asset condition, insurance value, warranty information, end-of- life etc.

Match Data, Report, Analyse

Detailed reporting and powerful business analysis is at your fingertips. There are hundreds of standard reports within Hardcat but almost infinite flexibility to draw your own business value through matching and collating data.

Maintenance & Calibration

Set common tasks or templates and automatically schedule work orders for maintenance, inspections and calibrations on all tools and equipment.

Audit & Control

Hardcat Tool Manager allows you to know exactly where all you tools and equipment are, where they have been and who has been responsible for them at any given time.

Knowing the true cost of assets

Track return on investment, costs and risks, asset utilisation, user productivity and much more, Leverage asset-related data to enable powerful, cost saving decision making and have a comprehensive total cost of ownership available for review at end-of life or anywhere along the journey.

Tracking anything and everything

The asset register module can handle any type of asset as well as any attribute associated with that asset type. Why don’t you put us to the test?

Proven in the field

Hardcat has been proven in theatres of war as well as in some of the world’s largest resources, construction, hospitality and facilities management organisations.

The Hardcat difference

With over 30 years in business, Hardcat knows asset management. It is a robust, established toolset that has evolved with technology developments through a process of continual improvement.

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Hardcat Sample Savings

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Health Department Hardware Tracking

  • Man hours for mandatory audits reduced by approximately 70%. Annual savings of approximately $85,000.
  • Facilitated greater bargaining power for both new and replacement planning contracts with hardware vendors. Savings in excess of $100,000 in the first year.

Weapons Audit for Whole of State Police Force

  • Man hours for mandatory audits reduced by approximately 80%. Annual savings of $250,000.
  • No longer paying licence fee for Mincom/Ventyx system. Annual savings of $80,000.
  • Dramatic reduction in time spent explaining audit discrepancies. Annual savings of $25,000.
  • Total annual savings of approximatelly $355,000.

—Ian Graham Operations Support, Manager, Australian Synchrotron

“The Hardcat solution helps engineers to ensure the Synchrotron’s components are regularly maintained to sustain a successful operation of the facility.”

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