Asset Solutions

Hardcat makes asset tagging, tracking, analysis and management easy

Our tailored asset management solutions use modular architecture to make implementation flexible and affordable. At the heart of the Hardcat asset management system is a powerful Asset Register Module which provides the foundation for a range of tools, interfaces and applications for process control, cost management, governance and compliance benefits.

Hardcat offers a range of asset tagging solutions and asset tracking solutions with complete mobility, flexibility and audit trail of every interaction of every asset in the database.

Hardcat Asset Management System

More than just a depreciation software, Hardcat’s modular approach means that clients only use and pay for the components in the tool kit that they need to manage their fixed assets. It is built around the core Asset Register Module to which everything from modules to match your preference or diversity of tagging technologies to depreciation schedule software can be added.

Hardcat Asset Management Modular System:

  • Asset Register Module

    As the foundation stone of the solution, the core asset registry is where responsibility for data integrity resides putting powerful asset knowledge at your fingertips.

  • Asset Tagging Module

    It doesn’t matter whether you use bar-codes, RFID or any other form of tagging technology, Hardcat can manage them all. This critical tool drives efficiency in auditing and ensures that the asset data is current and accurate.

  • Preventative Maintenance Module

    This is where you can reap business benefits from simplifying and improving control and accountability of your asset maintenance. Creates a full audit trail of every asset interaction as well as automating work orders, documenting processes so that you have governance, compliance and OHS covered.

  • Depreciation Module

    This tool facilitates time saving through automated depreciation calculations and reporting. With unparalleled flexibility in structure and reporting to allow virtually any depreciation scenario to be handled. It is easy to use, allows for one-step exporting or importing of data from third party applications and offers full mobility through any web browser.

  • Help Desk Module

    This is the engine for improving your service management and reducing costs. A single integrated solution is provided to manage IT service management, fault logging, reporting and resolution as well as change and knowledge management.

  • Stock Module

    Maximise productivity through optimised management of stock levels whether they are spare parts for maintenance and incidents or ensuring you have the optimum inventory of consumables for tools of trade.

  • Procurement Module

    Take control of your procurement processes through Hardcat’s comprehensive management of all order processing of assets from budgeting, purchase order, goods delivery, to invoicing and final disposal. A powerful online “cradle to grave” purchasing system that delivers better knowledge of past, present and pending procurements.

  • Web Module

    Hardcat’s Web Module extends the solution to the whole organisation. It complements your current core asset management system but allows you to disseminate Hardcat functionality and data to remote locations with complete security. Can be used on any device with a browser.

  • SmartPhone App

    The MiCat smart-phone app enables you to take control of your asset management solution anywhere, anytime. Perfect for real time job allocation and status reporting through a ‘live’ connected stage to the Hardcat database so any change is reflected back on the Hardcat database straightaway. Facilitates significant productivity improvements and cost savings.

  • Google Maps Application

    Hardcat has combined its Web Module with Google Maps so that users can collect GPS coordinates via a handheld device and store them in Hardcat against each particular asset or to record GPS data against locations, people, work orders and Help Desk functions.

  • Integration Tools Application

    Hardcat embraces system interoperability so that you can benefit from its speciality as well as getting the best of your current environment. Out of the box, it provides users with a powerful import and export capability so that you can seamlessly interact with other software applications including all of the popular ERP solutions. Easily configurable for manual or scheduled synchronisations.

  • Software Discovery Application

    Hardcat has developed a niche companion tool that allows users to interrogate their software management systems and store system properties against objects in your Hardcat fixed asset management database. It means that every incident of remote control, patch management, operating system deployment, network protection and other various services is logged against individual assets.