Software Overview

Premium Tools for Tracking and Managing Your Critical Physical Assets

Hardcat Asset Management is a specialist, modular asset tracking system that helps to improve the maintenance, utilisation and financial management of your organisation’s asset inventory. It simplifies the processes and provides unprecedented visibility of every asset detail over its full lifecycle.

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Hardcat helps to significantly reduce manual processes in the management of assets; reduce paperwork and multiple handling with automated notifications, issuing of work orders, stake-holder communication and formatting of valuable reports.


As a browser-based tool-set, Hardcat allows you take the full power, accessibility and usage of effective asset management into the field; instruct, search, update and report in real time.


Easy configuration, custom fields and almost infinite scalability means that every Hardcat implementation can be a bespoke asset management solution that perfectly suits the needs of your organisation.


Knowing that the integrity of your asset register data is true puts you in the driver’s seat to create real performance improvement in your asset management processes; better governance, accountability, compliance and lifespan of critical assets.

Asset Data Capture and Audit

User friendly mobile interface makes it easy for assets to be audited in the field quickly and efficiently creating the type of real-time, searchable asset data that can improve governance and generate valuable knowledge ready for business analytics.

Multiple Tagging Options

Hardcat delivers efficient asset audit, issue and return processes with flexible tagging and scanning hardware that accommodates a range of technologies including Barcodes, QR Codes, Dot Peening, RFID and NFC. Use one or all of them.

Powerful Reporting Capability. Real Business Analysis.

Hardcat features simple and detailed asset tracking reporting with user defined dashboards and automated alerts. Utilise over 200 standard reports or customise your own into .pdf, email, excel or dashboard formats to enable complete visibility and control of your asset inventory at home or in the field.

— Lee Kolokas, Project Engineer for Flinders Ports

“There is no doubt that we are far more proactive in the management of our pilot vessel fleet than we have ever been. We are also far more efficient in recording unscheduled or reactive service events which has delivered significant benefits in the overall management of fleet operations.”

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Modular Solution. Only Pay for What You Use

Hardcat is a modular software solution which allows you start with the powerful asset registry core upon which value can be extended through the addition of seamless add-on modules for Tagging, Preventative Maintenance, Depreciation Module, Help Desk, Stock, Procurement and much more including a fully functional Smartphone App.