Asset Management Software

Hardcat’s asset management software is world-renowned. Built with modular architecture, Hardcat uses a range of cutting edge tools that add customised value to the robust and almost infinitely scalable core asset registry.

Hardcat makes best practice asset management easy, efficient and cost effective by providing integrated hardware, modular asset management software components and professional services. Its solutions are designed to provide full life-cycle control, visibility and accountability over every detail you need to know about every asset you need to monitor.

It also specialises in asset audit software and solutions and inventory tracking software while accommodating all the latest in tagging technologies, geo-locational mapping, dashboard analytics, asset data search and reporting capabilities.

Hardcat engineered asset management solutions have the potential to turn mundane, manual processes into powerful business analysis tools that can drive prioritised business outcomes such as cost savings, productivity improvements or quality of customer service.

Hardcat provides positive business outcomes at a fraction of the cost of equivalent large ERP systems. It is easy to set-up and configure to meet specific customer requirements at the same time as being robust, established technology that has been proven in theatres of war.

Using industry standard architecture, Hardcat is a platform agnostic toolset that facilitates effortless data sharing and dissemination. Everything you need to know about how Hardcat can help manage your asset management regime is just a phone call away.