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Hardcat the company was founded by current CEO and President Mr Dan Drum in Melbourne, Australia in 1986. At that time there was nothing on the software market, that could adequately track all necessary information associated with company IT assets. Not being able to properly track servicing and warranty information on assets and equipment was a common problem for many businesses.

Mr Drum set about developing a software system that would act as a “Hardware Catalogue”. Tracking essential information associated with assets and equipment. And this is where the Hardcat name originates!

Hardcat pioneered the use of barcode asset tracking, which cut the time and cost of physical asset auditing to a fraction of that taken with manual techniques. The product was expanded to include different areas of operations, such as depreciation/finance, help desk, purchasing/budgeting, stock control, preventative maintenance, running in both client/server and web environments.

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The philosophy of Hardcat since its incorporation is to provide comprehensive asset management to companies. By listening to what our clients need from their asset management software and remaining at the cutting edge of development and innovation.

Hardcat has built up a prestigious client list that previously had been reserved for products from companies such as Microsoft. Hardcat has always prided itself on its quality of the product, ‘personal’ based service, support and speed of response to client requests.

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Our Hardcat Professional Services team assists clients with their asset management or evidence tracking projects. We also supply the resources for projects such as asset tagging and data capture, ongoing physical audits and inventory counts. These projects can be performed anywhere in the world. So, if you love travelling, join us today!

We have a culture that we are proud of, that is built on respect, passion, commitment and excellence. We are continually growing and are often looking for leaders in the field of business development, software development and professional services.

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