About us

Hardcat asset, property and evidence management. Certainty when it matters.

Having partnered with over 2,000 organisations working in some of the toughest locations, and with some of the most stringent governance standards around the world, we know how critical trust is.

We recognise the trust that is required when someone places their reputation, their livelihood, or their life in your hands, and we never take that for granted.

We remain committed to providing our customers with solutions that offer accuracy and efficiency, and we continually develop new ideas to support their evolving circumstances.

We leverage emerging technologies and seek out quality collaborations so that we continue to be the trusted expert in asset intelligence, providing certainty when it matters.

We’ve been passionate about providing the highest standards of accuracy when it comes to asset intelligence from the very beginning. That beginning was in Melbourne, Australia in 1986, but it didn’t take long before Hardcat’s presence was felt in the UK, USA, South Africa and around the world.

Our partners

Oracle silver partner
Microsoft Gold Partner
Zebra Compatible


Qassure Accredited Business
ISO 9001-2015 accredited
Queensland GITC

We’re proud to be trusted by over 2,000 organisations in over 120 countries for the integrity and reliability of our asset management solution. How can we help you?