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What is Hardcat?

Hardcat the company was founded by current CEO and President Mr Dan Drum in Melbourne, Australia in 1986. At that time there was nothing on the software market, that could adequately track all necessary information associated with company IT assets.

Not being able to properly track servicing and warranty information on assets and equipment was a common problem for many businesses. Mr Drum set about developing a software system that would act as a “Hardware Catalogue”. Tracking essential information associated with assets, tools and equipment. And this is where the Hardcat name originates! Take a quick look at our Hardcat at a glance PDF for a company overview.


Hardcat the company

Hardcat pioneered the use of barcode asset tracking, which cut the time and cost of physical asset auditing to a fraction of that taken with manual techniques. The product was expanded to include different areas of operations, such as depreciation/finance, help desk, purchasing/budgeting, stock control, preventative maintenance, running in both client/server and web environments.

During the 1990s

Hardcat steadily enhanced the product, adding more features, moving to multi-user access, and releasing ODBC versions to allow easy integration with other “best of breed” systems. By the end of the decade, Hardcat had over 1000 clients worldwide in all fields of private and public sector operations.

Today in the 2000s

Hardcat today continues to invest heavily in new product development, ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of software innovation. We are making asset management more and more convenient and accessible, whether through web-based user interfaces, mobile apps, PDAs, or Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Whatever your field of operation, you can rely on Hardcat to provide you with the best possible solution for your assets, tools, equipment, property and evidence tracking and management needs. With the core system, individual modules can be selected to suit specific applications or all modules can be used as a total solutions package and integrated with existing data management systems.

The Hardcat solution is easily installed and encompasses software, user manuals and asset tagging options such as barcoding/QR Code/RFID, and their hardware (readers/scanners).

Our Professional Services team provides business services such as asset tagging, data capture, auditing/verification, software and hardware implementation, configuration and training.


Our vision

Our vision is to contribute significantly to the evolution of a world where organisations derive increasing overall benefit through the effective ownership, use and management of assets, tools and equipment, property and evidence.


Our mission

Our mission is to build, deliver and support remarkable and superior software solutions and innovative asset, tools and equipment, property and evidence management centric services, and consultancy. Hardcat is widely recognised and acknowledged as a world leader in the provision of best practice asset whole of life management solutions.

Hardcat plans well into the future with respect to supplying our client base with what they need. We have many clients who have been using Hardcat to control their asset base for over 20 years. The main reason that Hardcat retains its client base is due to its continual evolution and planned development.


Why Hardcat software?

Companies deciding to get serious about tracking their assets do it because they want measurable and reportable outcomes. That will save their organisation time and money. At the same time as covering off on every definable warranty, governance and compliance responsibility. It’s all about optimised utilisation, minimised total cost of ownership and bullet-proof accountability. What we do, what we care about and what makes us different from the competition? Try our Hardcat Insights page.


What are the Hardcat solutions?

Hardcat offers a range of asset tagging solutions and asset tracking solutions with complete mobility, flexibility and audit trail of every interaction of every asset in the database. Hardcat solutions use modular architecture to make implementation flexible and affordable.

At the heart of the Hardcat asset management system is a powerful asset register. Which provides the foundation for a range of tools, interfaces and applications. For process control, cost management, governance and compliance benefits. As the foundation stone, the core asset registry is where responsibility for data integrity resides.

Hardcat software can include any number of standard and custom fields that you need to house all the fundamental data about each individual asset such as type, location, responsibility, cost and much more. Hardcat puts all this critical data in a centralised location thereby placing powerful asset knowledge at your fingertips. View the interactive Hardcat solutions PDF.


Our commitment to you

Hardcat is passionate about providing the highest standards of accuracy when it comes to asset intelligence. We recognise the trust that is required when someone places their reputation and livelihood in your hands, and we never take that for granted.

Having partnered with over 2,000 organisations working in some of the toughest locations, and with some of the most stringent governance standards around the world, we know how critical trust is.

Hardcat is committed to providing clients with solutions that offer accuracy and efficiency, and we continually develop new ideas to support their evolving circumstances. We leverage emerging technologies and seek out quality collaborations so that we continue to be the trusted expert in asset intelligence, providing certainty when it matters.

Our partners

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We’re proud to be trusted by over 2,000 organisations in over 120 countries for the integrity and reliability of our Hardcat solutions. How can we help you?