Geo-mapping assets – visualise on a map

What do GPS and GIS mean?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and uses satellites that orbit Earth to send information to GPS receivers that are on the ground. While GIS stands for Geographical Information System, which is a software program (such as Esri, Google, Bing Maps, etc.) that helps people use the information that is collected from the GPS satellites.

What is geo-mapping assets?

Geo-mapping assets is the capturing of GPS coordinates and visualising them on a map to locate as well as track movement. In this post we are referring to asset and personnel geo-mapping.

GPS tracking is a valuable tool that is used to not only locate your assets visually, but for determining whether they have been moved from where they were supposed to be. Greatly improving the efficiency of your operations, response times and identifying underutilised or “missing” assets.

Assimilating asset management systems and enterprise resource planning systems with smart mapping technology, organisations can increase their insight, and share information across the organisation.

Why companies map assets

A geo-mapping solution makes it simpler and quicker to manage assets geographically, to identify opportunities, reduce risk and adapt for the future. Clear visualisation on a map of the significance of a certain location, is a key contextual component when making critical business decisions about an asset’s value.

More than a simple location and theft deterrent solution!

Whether you want a theft deterrent for peace of mind, or want to improve productivity and efficiency, geolocating equipment provides a myriad of benefits such as:

  • Monitor asset utilisation and identify under/over utilised assets
  • Log assets when they leave and arrive in certain areas
  • Assists in the recovery of stolen assets
  • Improve personnel security
  • Improve the efficiency of your service
  • Respond to emergencies more efficiently

HardcatWeb geo-mapping assets

HardcatWeb GPS Tracker

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HardcatWeb’s geolocation feature integrates with public and private Geographical Information Systems (GIS), enabling smarter asset interactions and decision making. For GPS tracking of moving assets to be meaningful, there needs to be a mechanism to update the central system or database. Hardcat currently updates GPS coordinates via audits.

Hardcat’s geo-visualisation takes into account an asset’s geo-location and presents this on a map, or on a floor plan (updated via audits). With the ability to toggle between different map views (satellite to the street all the way down to floor level), Hardcat provides superior visibility.

HardcatWeb GPS Geo-mapping 

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Monitor and manage your valuable assets by recording GPS data against:

assets | equipment | tools

maintenance | work orders

service desk | help desk requests

Hardcat’s software delivers the most advanced asset tracking and web-based solutions. Our solutions help increase your productivity, reduce purchasing and other operating costs, while improving safety and customer service.

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