Hardcat software reviews

Hardcat Software Reviews

Online software reviews are increasingly shifting from being a place where consumers air their grievances to being a place to recommend businesses after a positive experience. According to a 2018 reviews survey, over 60 per cent of consumers said they are likely to check online reviews before making a purchase.

Listed here are some online Hardcat software reviews and comments:

  • Hardcat has been around for years – but it is still number one
  • Asset Management made easy
  • Just works
  • Hands down the best product I ever used
  • Mobility and simplicity of use
  • Very fast deployment
  • Great service
  • A well-structured and executed training program
  • Very inexpensive
  • Annual updates
  • RFID/Barcoding/Mobile App – easy and very very useful
  • Very functional and easy to learn and operate
  • Hardcat was way too fast for us! We actually expected at least 2 months of implementation, but they installed and configured everything in one week!
  • Utilizing a combination of barcode and RFID technology, Hardcat provided us with the right tools to achieve management and compliance for critical assets for governance and warranty obligations
  • With the simple mobile audit tools, we manage many aspects of our assets life-cycle effectively and accurately, meaning we keep an accurate register at all times
  • We can now have several people using the same system and know who did what due to the audit trail
  • It is a complete system
  • It allows me to know where all my assets are and their state of maintenance
  • So easy to add new assets
  • Records everything about the asset – no matter what it is – where it is
  • Hardcat has been around for years – but it is still number one
  • A good solid easy to use, solution – offering the latest in software capabilities
  • You can do a lot with this single application
  • It is wonderful in controlling assets and their timely maintenance
  • So easy when it is time to do a stocktake of fixed assets

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