Hardcat version 6 – major release

Hardcat version 6 enhancements

Hardcat version 6.00 Enhancement List

Hardcat Automated purchase order Creation – Purchasing Module 

Ability to schedule automated purchase orders. Users can now setup a scheduled purchase order creation process which will generate a purchase order based on a schedule. The user can override template setting in schedule as required.

Relevant Email Notifications – Hardcat

You can now email users relevant information based on a search criterion. An example of where this feature could be used is if you have a number of employees that have not audited their assets. You could setup a search where assets have not been audited within the last 3 months and only the users that have not completed their audit would get an email with the assets that have not been audited yet.

Audit Compliance Dashboard – HardcatWeb

Ability to see who has or has not completed their audit.

Asset Image – HardcatWeb

HardcatWeb has now been improved to include asset image when opening asset as per desktop functionality.

Ability to drag and drop field – HardcatWeb

HardcatWeb field selection drag and drop functionality. You can now add additional fields by clicking “Choose Grid Columns” then dragging field from left hand side to right hand side in box below.

Ability to customise charts at start-up – Hardcat

Hardcat has the ability to display configurable charts at start-up, this can be setup for individual users or be specific to users role. Charts driven by a saved search are also clickable to take user through to the search results.

Asset Audit Improvements – MiCat

An improved Android and IOS MiCat audit and capture experience.

Inline Scanning – MiCat

The inline scanning feature allows barcodes to be scanned in wherever you have the ability to scan a barcode. This saves time over previous version which required going to another screen to perform scan.

Asset Capture Retain Fields – MiCat
The retain field allows users to select retain field so that when asset is saved it keeps these values ready for the next asset to be captured. This saves time when doing a bulk capture.

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