Hardcat Law Enforcement Solutions

Complete investigative asset, property and evidence management

Hardcat Law Enforcement solutions allow organisations to improve their operational efficiencies and provide complete transparency across the life-cycle of assets, equipment, incidents, exhibits, evidence and general property management.

Hardcat law enforcement platform

Hardcat law enforcement platform

Equipment Issue and Return

Hardcat Law Enforcement solutions maintain accountability for a wide range of small arms, firearms and equipment so that you can be certain at all times about who has what and where with a complete audit trail of all movements and history of transfer of custodianship.

Hardcat RFID reader scanning police car assets

RFID reader scanning police car

Hardcat RFID reader scanning equipment on police officer

RFID reader scanning police officer

Performing rapid issue and return of your assets including small arms, firearms, tools, and equipment. Your assets as well as property and evidence under the control of the one solution – saving time and improving conviction rate.

Prove the Integrity of Property and Evidence

Hardcat Law Enforcement solutions effectively manage the investigative and forensic process by securing, tracking and maintaining the integrity of all digital and physical property and evidence with detailed audit trails, from capture or seizure through to disposal.

Evidence Chain of Custody

Hardcat Law Enforcement solutions provide organisations with the ability to capture exhibits at the scene and construct a complete audit trail of all movements and transfer of custody of that exhibit over its life.

Property and Evidence Management

Asset management software property and evidence for law enforcement

Asset management software property and evidence for law enforcement

Hardcat Law Enforcement solutions manage NSW Police forensic evidence with unprecedented governance (see case study) over the full life-cycle providence of exhibits, from capture to disposal. With complete mobility and accessibility, your officers can have immediate access to analysis and results and be efficient and accurate with instant log book processing and reporting, wherever they are.

Live-tracking means complete visibility at every stage and that the chain of custody is fully transparent.

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