HardcatLite a solution to fit your budget

HardcatLite has small businesses in mind – entry-level price for up to 3,000 assets.

Investing in an asset tracking solution assists small companies to get the most value out of their assets. By tracking the movement of high-value assets, identifying underutilised assets (and redeploy them), alerting you to assets that have gone missing and making sure everything that needs to be maintained is maintained on time.

Hardcat’s asset management system is modular, making it extremely flexible and affordable. And at the heart of the system is a powerful asset register module that provides the foundation from which process control and compliance can be extended, with the addition of optional modules and interfaces.

What’s in the HardcatLite package?

HardcatLite package

The HardcatLite package consists of the asset register (core module) and the mobile device application MiCat as well as two solution modules of your choosing to fit both your budget and important business processes. 

Our support team is available free for 12 months, with access to training videos, configuration assistance and instructional material.

HardcatLite module selection

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Hardcat maintenance with MiCat

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HardcatLite deployment options

Cloud-hosted asset management

We understand that managing and maintaining IT infrastructure can become difficult and costly, and that not every business has the resources or expertise internally to provide effective support to the business.

Before cloud-hosting, companies had to buy and maintain their own computing servers. Along with storage to run their businesses. In the Cloud environment, applications are typically accessed through browsers or apps on your computers, mobile phones, mobile devices & tablets.

Cloud computing was created to provide a subscription model for using and consuming computing power. The idea was formulated to harness the aggregate power of an entire data centre(s) and offer this power on a “pay as you go” model. Thereby lowering the cost of consumption, and reducing costly IT infrastructure, oversight and maintenance.

With our cloud hosting options combined with our expertise, we can make your life simpler and take the onerous tasks from your team.

Hardcat small business asset tracking

HardcatLite perfect for small business

HardcatLite is packaged as a startup pack for small business asset tracking clients wanting the power of Hardcat but at an entry level price. The start-up pack consists of all you need to get started to manage up to 3,000 assets.
The package includes the asset register software and smartphone app as well as a choice of any two Hardcat modules at no extra cost.

This allows your package to be streamlined to suit your main wish list, whether it be asset movements, financial or maintenance.

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