Geo mapping – visualising your assets

Geo mapping – what assets are you mapping?

Geo mapping is the capturing of GPS coordinates and visualising them on a map. And this valuable tool can be used to not only locate your assets visually, but for determining whether they have been moved from where they were supposed to be, greatly improving the efficiency of your operations, response times and identifying underutilised assets.


Visualise your assets, equipment and people for more effective assignment of tasks.


HardcatWeb Geo mapping and tagging feature, with the ability to toggle between different map views (satellite to street all the way down to floor level) provides superior visibility.

HardcatWeb GEO Mapping

Geo spatial mapping feature of HardcatWeb

Improve asset security, monitor and manage your valuable assets by recording GPS data against:

  • Assets and equipment
  • People
  • Work orders
  • Service desk/help desk requests


Take a look at our 4 minute video

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