Hardcat solution delivers ROI

Hardcat delivers ROI reducing costs and enabling better asset utilisation and extending the lifespan of critical equipment.

Our solution delivers ROI benefits for effective asset management that not only generates immediate bottom line advantage but by also facilitating better processes and governance that provide payback throughout the full lifecycle of assets.

Consider the following as simple examples of how Hardcat asset management reduces costs, improves staff productivity, enables better asset utilisation and extends the lifespan of critical equipment thereby creating a considerable return on investment.

Insurance, depreciation and other financials

Real-time asset knowledge means you have an accurate, documented asset register which can ensure you are only paying insurance premiums on assets that you have and can present evidence of where your true risk profile sits. Our customers report premium savings of up to 30 per cent by having orderly asset data. Hardcat can also track all financial reporting on assets to ensure that you are getting full value from depreciation allowances.

Preventative maintenance

Tracking all repair and maintenance while proactively generating work orders to keep assets in prime condition improves utilisation and extends the lifespan of critical equipment. This, in turn, reduces the risks of asset failure having an impact on business continuity and accelerates recovery in disaster management. Hardcat allows users to forecast preventive maintenance, meet compliance obligations and track incremental maintenance costs for true and accurate reporting.

Integration of business tools and processes

Integrating Hardcat’s Stock, Maintenance and Service Desk modules allows organisations to keep the right level of spare parts for likely maintenance requirements and reduce the productivity losses of equipment failure.

Prevention of expensive unpredicted maintenance

Further savings are also realised in the reduction in reactive maintenance through better proactive asset management. Reactive maintenance associated with equipment breakdown is conservatively estimated to be four times the total cost of preventive maintenance.

An organisation could easily achieve savings of 22.5 per cent if reactive maintenance is reduced by just 30 per cent.


Download Hardcat ROI whitepaper

Download Hardcat ROI whitepaper

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