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More than one way for our valued customers to deploy their Hardcat solution

HardcatCloud cloud deployment is built on the industry’s best data centre and network architecture. It leverages a wide variety of security features, automated monitoring and reporting services to ensure our Clients have the best asset management experience in a stable, secure environment.

The traditional model is an on-premise implementation meaning that the customer installs the software on their own servers and workstations connected to a database they manage.

In addition to this proven and popular asset management platform, we also now have more an ever-increasing number of customers taking advantage of our HardcatCloud cloud deployment to enable even more efficient processes.

Hardcat provides a secure cloud-hosted platform which delivers the entire V6 suite of products (Hardcat, HardcatWeb, CatScan and MiCat), but customers no longer need to be distracted with concerns about:

  • Operating system licencing
  • Database licencing and management
  • Server maintenance
  • Database backup

HardcatCloud means customers get first class fixed asset management while we take care of the IT bit.  We help to strip back the IT spend, network complexity and technical bureaucracy.

Benefits from utilising a cloud deployment hosted version of Hardcat

  • Avoid external outsourcing of your critical asset data to organisations and/or personnel who do not understand your business and/or asset utilisation
  • The system always running on the latest Hardcat release
  • Never lag behind the latest developments, patches and improvements again
  • Automatic backup of your data and guaranteed 24/7 availability
  • On-call support if and when needed

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